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Rogachev powdered milk plant to supply 100 tonnes of milk powder to Tajikistan

The Rogachev powdered milk plant is set to supply over 100 tonnes of whole milk powder to in July-August 2009, it was learnt from Deputy Director General of the company Nikolai Kohonov. 

He informed that the first samples of the whole milk powder produced by the plant had been recently dispatched to Mongolia . Soon after that, the Mongolian side placed an order for 50 tonnes of milk powder. The further cooperation prospects will become clearer after this batch of products is dispatched. 

Nikolai Kohonov said that the products of the Rogachev powdered milk plant are well-known beyond . At present the company’s export destinations include the Russian Federation, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Moldova and Uzbekistan .

In H1 2009, the company exported 4,138 tonnes of whole milk powder, up six times over the same period in 2008. The export of butter made up 554 tonnes (299 tonnes in January-June 2008), cheese 705.5 tonnes (133 tonnes). The canned milk deliveries have dropped a bit to make up 24.5 standard cans (31.4 standard cans). 

The Rogachev powdered milk plant is among Belarus’ largest canned milk producers and exporters. It produces milk, kefir, cottage cheese, sour cream, butter, mayonnaise, baby foods, yoghurt, milk powder and cheese.



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