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Bobruiskagromash supplies 1,000 farm machines to Venezuela

Bobruiskagromash has dispatched the farm machinery to under the contract with Venezuelan Mechanization and Transport Company "Pedro Camejo”, it was learned from Vasily Tsarik, the deputy head of the Bobruiskagromash marketing department. 

As contracted, the company supplied more than 1,000 farm machines, such as ПСТ-9 and ПСТ-12 truck semi-trailers, ПС-30 special-purpose semi-trailers, ПРФ-145 and ПТ-165 balers, ГВР-630 rotor rakes. The dispatch began on 17 March and continued for four months. The company’s experts in are currently assembling them and making them ready to use. The work is expected to be finished by the end of September. 

“We are sure that the successful implementation of this project will allow Bobruiskagromash to create a certain background to restore its presence at the market of South America . We used to deliver ПРФ-145 roll balers to and in the early 1990s,” said Vasily Tsarik. 

The implementation of this project allowed Bobruiskagromash to make up for the drop in exports to the traditional markets, which was due to the crisis. The company’s export in H1 totalled more than $25 million, up 16.9% over the same period last year, said Vasily Tsarik.

Founded in 1974, Bobruiskagromash was reorganized into a joint-stock company in 2005. Bobruiskagromash is a major producer of trailed and mounted agricultural machines in . The company makes over 50 agricultural machines, mainly forage harvesters and distributors and organic fertiliser distributors and also machines for applying mineral fertilisers, roll flax harvesters, trailed vehicles for tractors and some other agricultural machines. At present it employs around 2,400 people.





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