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Belarusbank dominates major segments of financial market in H1 2009

In H1 2009 the Belarusian bank Belarusbank remained dominant in main segments of the Belarusian financial market, the bank’s press service told. 

As of 1 June 2009 Belarusbank’s assets totalled 39.6% of the assets of the Belarusian banking industry (38.7% as of 1 January 2009). Belarusbank accounted for 39.9% of corporate deposits (37.9%) and 35.8% of corporate lending (32.2%). 

As of 1 July 2009 Belarusbank’s regulatory capital amounted to Br3,133.8 billion, 6% up since the beginning of the year (Br2,956 billion as 1 January). Resources of the bank have increased by almost 19% (Br4.6 trillion up) to reach Br29 trillion.

Corporate deposits increased by 2.3% to reach Br11.1 trillion, individuals’ deposits — 16% up to Br9.3 trillion. 

In January-June 2009 the corporate credit portfolio increased by 33.5% to total Br15.4 trillion, with the credit portfolio of individuals 17.9% up to Br9 trillion. 

In H1 2009 Belarusbank earned Br144.7 billion in profits. 

At present Belarusbank comprises 97 branch offices, 47 banking services centres, and 1,835 offices (including 846 offices in urban areas, 989 ones in rural areas, with 546 in agro-towns). In H1 2009 the bank opened seven new offices. The banking group Belarusbank includes eight unitary enterprises, one subsidiary enterprise and one affiliate.



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