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Belarusian Polymir uninvolved in chemical leak in Riga port

The Belarusian company Polymir is not involved in the chemical leakage in the Riga port, Polymir representatives told. 

Run by the Belarusian company Naftan, the Novopolotsk-based Polymir shipped acetone cyanohydrin in cisterns to the Latvian company Biolar. The product was delivered from Novopolotsk to the destination station Olaine (a town near Riga ). “No complaints have been received,” said the source. 

After acetone cyanohydrin was delivered, the Biolar company became the owner. It poured acetone cyanohydrin into proprietary containers and shipped them to the port. The leaking container was owned by the Latvian company. “The statement that the container in Riga was Polymir’s is false information. We shipped acetone cyanohydrin to Biolar in cisterns only. It was a quality product,” stressed Polymir representatives. Polymir has been exporting acetone cyanohydrin for many years without such accidents. 

Mass media reported earlier that on the night of 23 July a runaway reaction of chemical agents occurred in a container in the Riga port, with highly toxic acetone cyanohydrin leaking out. Port personnel detected the leakage only in the morning. Fire workers spent the entire morning trying to cool down the container and reduce pressure inside it. Residents of surrounding areas were evacuated. The damaged container was successfully delivered to the Olaine-based company Biolar, the owner of the toxic chemical agent. Representatives of the Latvian fire and emergency service said that the leakage may have been caused by the unwashed container. Yet the Biolar company claimed that the leaking container had been delivered from the Novopolotsk-based company Polymir

            Founded in 1968, Novopolotsk-based Polymir is one of the largest chemical producers in Belarus. The company offers high pressure polyethylene, acrylic fibres, organic synthesis products and small-scale chemical products, textile-processing chemicals, hydrocarbon fractions and consumer goods. Following the relevant decision of shareholders Polymir was merged with Naftan in November 2008.







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