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Lidselmash prepares first consignment of seeders for Mongolia

Lidselmash prepares the first consignment of seeders for , it was learnt from commercial director of the company Oleg Plavsky. The company took part in the Lida-region 2009 exhibition. 

Lidselmash will send the first five cultivating seeders to in the near future. “The cooperation with our Mongolian partners will be continued,” Oleg Plavsky said. 

According to him, the exports slowed down slightly in H1 2009. At the same time the company has been seeking new markets and offering new products. The company believes that the volume of exports to will be restored due to the supplies of hot-water radiators which the company started producing in June. All in all the export to may total up to $5 million this year. 

The company will soon export its products to and Central Europe. 

Founded in 1901, the company produces agricultural equipment. Radiators account for 30% of the total output. In 2008 Lidselmash manufactured Br164 billion worth of products. In H1 2009 the company’s output increased by 13.7% from the same period last year. The company employs 1,000 professionals.




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