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Orsha Aircraft Repair Plant increases export of services in January-June

In January-June 2009, the Orsha Aircraft Repair Plant increased the export of services 12 times as against the same period last year, it was learnt from director of the plant Vladimir Troitsky. 

The increase in export in January-June was due to demand for repair of helicopter equipment. The plant operates not only on the European market but in Africa and North America as well. For instance, a team of the Orsha Aircraft Repair Plant is in now. They are fixing helicopters for the Mexican gendarmerie there. In 2009, Orsha Aircraft Repair Plant signed repair works’ contracts at the amount of Br52 billion, up 3 times as against 2008. 

Along with the repair of MI-8, MI-24 helicopters and their modifications, the Orsha Aircraft Repair Plant has started to repair unmanned aircrafts as well. 

The Orsha Aircraft Repair Plant was founded in 1941. The products of the Orsha Aircraft Repair Plant meet the requirements of the aviation rules, standards and recommendations of the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO), international standards ISO 9000, JAR-145 and EAR-145.



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