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Mogilevtransmash launches production of 17 and 30-metre car lifts

Mogilevtransmash, a subsidiary of the Minsk Automobile Plant, has started producing 17 and 30-metre car lifts, said Mogilevtransmash Director Anatoly Tarenko. 

According to him, Mogilevtransmash launched the series production of a 20-meter lift last year and designed 17- and 30-meter lifts to order of the Belarusian power engineering and construction industries. They will be used to service electricity lines, lighting posts and construction sites. 

“The height can be even greater. We are ready to start the production of lifts based on the MAZ chassis. We have made one 50-metre lift to order of the Moscow rescue service. Everything here depends on the demand of our customers”, said Anatoly Tarenko. 

Mogilevtransmash has been working on extending the production of truck cranes for MAZ vehicles. The plant has manufactured a pilot sample of КС-5571ВY-5 truck crane with 32-tonne lifting capacity on the MAZ-631705 chassis. The novelty is designed for pick-and-carry operations. A four-wheel chassis is mobile and easy to operate. One of the advantages of the crane is a possibility of -“rough-terrain”-application. The plant is simultaneously developing another novelty – a truck crane with a lifting capacity of 40 tonnes and a five-section 42-meter-long boom. A pilot sample of the crane will be developed and tested in 2009; its mass production will be launched in 2010. 

The company dramatically enhanced the quality of traditional truck cranes – all the models were fitted with chassis which engines are compliant with Euro-3 standards which resulted in a better performance and higher competitiveness. In 2009, the enterprise intends to expand the production of promising 20-tonnes cranes: a new model with a 28-meters long four-section boom is designed for 4х2 chassis compliant with Euro-4 standard. 

“We focus on the production of these machines for a reason: they account for 55% of our output and are in great demand abroad. In 2008, the plant turned out 708 truck cranes, of which 348 were exported, mainly to the CIS states,” the director said.

Customers show a rather strong interest in Mogilevtransmash trailer machines which can transport virtually any kind of cargo – from containers, pipes, concrete panes, wood chip and sand to tanks. In 2008 alone, the enterprise manufactured and sold over 5,500 trailers and semi-trailers, of which 1,000 trailers were ordered by the Ministry of Agriculture and Food of Belarus.

The latest product of this season is a modernized semi-trailer with a much lower dead weight and greater operating versatility than the previous model; and a pilot sample of car hauler which can carry three MAZ chassis simultaneously instead of one. This will help cut down on fuel consumption three times to transport chassis to Mogilevtransmash (which is up to 60 units a month). 

The company was set up in 1983 (it became MAZ branch in 2004). It is the biggest domestic producer of trailers and semi-trailers, and the only ’ manufacturer of truck cranes. The enterprise employs over 3,300 people.

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