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Savushkin Product fully compliant with Russia’s technical regulations

Products made by the Belarusian dairy company Savushkin Product are fully compliant with requirements of the new technical regulations introduced by the Russian Federation, said Yelena Babkina, Savushkin Product Deputy Director General for Public Relations. 

In response to news about ’s ban on 500 dairy products imported from due to incompliance with technical regulations, she said there are no claims against Savushkin Product merchandise. 

Yelena Babkina underscored that the company has always meticulously monitored the quality of packaging and its content. The company is well-known in as a supplier of organic dairy products. Savushkin Product merchandise does not contain conserving agents and milk powder. Savushkin Product was the first company in to win the Organic Food award. 

At present Savushkin Product is the leading Belarusian exporter to the . Export accounts for half of the output, with over 90% of the exports shipped to . Savushkin Product dairy merchandise is also popular in Ukraine, Moldova, Armenia, Azerbaijan, and Kazakhstan

Let us remind you that introduced new technical regulations for dairy imports on December 12, 2008. The regulations lay down new manufacturing and distribution rules. In particular, there is a distinction between natural and restored products. Before that permissions were issued for specific kinds of merchandise exported to

While many Belarusian companies have had their permissions re-issued, many have not done so due to changes in product line-ups of companies, modernisation or temporary halt of manufacturing facilities in some cases. Vice Premier of Belarus Ivan Bambiza told media on June 6 that there is no ban. Actually the Russian consumer rights watchdog recognised the permissions, which were issued earlier and have expired, as invalid. The Vice Premier added it is a routine operation between relevant government agencies and business entities. 

Savushkin Product is ’ largest manufacturer of dairy products, with the product range in excess of 200 titles. The company’s quality management system is certified for compliance with ISO 9000 and HACCP standards. At the eighth national contest Brand of the Year the company won the grand prix and five gold medals. Savushkin Product’s leadership has been confirmed by the top award in the nomination “Weal of the Republic”.




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