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Gomselmash to establish assembling facilities in Bashkortostan

Gomselmash is going to set up a joint venture to assemble its harvesters in Bashkortostan. The project was discussed during a meeting between executives of the company and the official delegation from this Russian region in Gomel on 5 August. The Russian delegation is headed by Minister of Construction, architecture and Transport of Bashkortostan Ravil Ibatullin. 

According to Gomselmash First Deputy Director Ivan Proturo, Gomselmash harvesters are in growing demand in Bashkortostan. So, the idea of establishing a joint production makes economic sense. The best option is to sign a long-term contract which provides the export of vehicle sets and their further assembling in Bashkortostan. Gomselmash officials will travel to Bashkortostan and study the technical potential of the would-be partners by the end of August. 

Deputy Minister of Agriculture of Bashkortostan Rustam Zainullin noted that more than 20,000 agricultural vehicles produced in are used in Bashkortostan. More than 90% of fodder harvesters are produced by Gomselmash. “Machine operators of Bashkortostan are well acquainted with Gomel machines. We appreciate the company’s persistent effort to improve the quality of goods,” Rustam Zainullin said. According to him, Bashkortostan is planning to start a joint production with Gomselmash. It is planned to establish a small industrial enterprise with 300 employees, possibly in Sterlitamak. 

The Republic of Bashkortostan remains one of Gomselmash main trading and economic partners in Russia . Bashkortostan has acquired around 150 Gomel combine harvesters Polesye for the past three years. The sides have reached an agreement to supply around 60 Gomel machines to Bashkortostan until 2010. According to Rustam Zainullin, Bashkortostan is also ready to purchase Gomselmash grain harvesters.



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