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Gefest-Tekhnika injects Br25.6bn in production development

Gefest-Tekhnika, a resident of the Free Economic Zone Brest, invested Br25.6 billion in the development of its production in H1 2009, it was learnt from the company. 

The project aims to expand the existing capacities. 10,000 square metres of the idle floor of the Brest Engineering Plant have been acquired to place new production facilities. 

The project is financed by the company’s resources and the Brestgazapparat investments. 

In January-June 2009 the Gefest-Tekhnika output made up Br79.8 billion in comparable prices (22.1% to the same period in 2008). The company exported $17.1 million worth of products (95.8%). 

Founded by Brestgazapparat, the Gefest-Tekhnika Company was registered as a FEZ Brest resident in 2003. The company produces gas and electric stoves, hobs, aircleaners under the Gefest trademark. The company employs 900 professionals.

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