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Osipovichi Automobile Units Plant produces first rowing boats

The test section of the Osipovichi Automobile Units Plant (Mogilev oblast) produced two pilot samples of single-seat boats for rowing and canoeing, it was learnt from the design office of the enterprise.

Eight-meter boats are made using fiberglass and carbon fiber and are designed for work-out sessions and competitions. They were tested and received fine comment from sportsmen. “We hope to get our first order soon from the Belarusian Rowing Federation where the demand for boats is approximately 50 boats a year,” representatives of the company said.

Besides the sporting watercrafts the plant produces a wide range of pleasure and motor boats and hydrocycles. The plant expanded the test section and started round-the-clock production to meet the growing demand. Despite the end of the holiday season the company works at full capacity, and has received orders for watercrafts at least for several months ahead. The main customers are health resorts and reserves, but there are individual clients too. Three-seat pleasure boat “Seamaid” and four-seat motor boat “Good Luck –M” are among the most popular choices.

Osipovichi Automobile Units Plant was founded in 1963. The company produces components for heavy trucks. Besides the basic output, the plant also produces a number of consumer goods, such as sports equipment, watercrafts, office and cafe furniture. Russia, Baltic countries and the Ukraine are the main importers of the plant’s production. The company employs about 2,000 people.

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