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Babushkina Krynka starts supplying milk powder to New Zealand

The Belarusian dairy products supplier Babushkina Krynka has shipped 200 tonnes of skimmed milk powder to New Zealand, it was learnt from representatives of the company’s Overseas Trade Department.

“We have signed a contract with the New Zealand company Erdon and have shipped the test lot. If customers like our milk, the cooperation will continue,” said the source. Since Russia introduced restrictions on Belarusian milk exports, the company has worked a lot to diversify its sales areas. The company now has partners in France, Germany, Poland, and other countries. Negotiations are underway about supplying milk powder to China, Iran, and Japan, with pilot samples already sent to these countries.

With the larger sales area, in July 2009 the company increased export by 9.4% in comparison with the same period of last year. In January-July 2009 overseas sales totalled Br32.5 billion. At present export accounts for about 70% of the company’s total sales.

At present the company offers over 250 titles of dairy products. It uses an integrated management system, which combines manufacturing quality management and sales of products in line with the international standards ISO 9001-2001, ISO 14000, HACCP as well as work safety norms STB 18001.

Babushkina Krynka (earlier known as Mogilev Dairy Factory) was founded in 1975 and was converted into a joint-stock company in 1995. Between 2001 and 2007 seven regional dairy factories were merged with the company. At present Babushkina Krynka employs around 1,300 people.

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