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Mogilev Synthetic Fiber Plant almost doubles export in January-July

In January-July 2009 Mogilev Synthetic Fiber Plant almost doubled its export in comparison with the same period of last year to a total of $10 million. The export growth totaled 93.7% while the company aimed for 43.3%, it was learnt from Yuri Rzhevutsky, Director of Mogilev Synthetic Fiber Plant.

The export boost is attributed to better performance of the company’s commerce service. The company has managed to increase sales not only in traditional markets such as Russia and Ukraine but also India and the European Union. Over the last three months the company has reduced the finished goods inventory by almost 35% from Br7.3 billion to br4.8 billion. As of 1 September the finished goods inventory totaled 51% as against the average monthly output while the limit is 65%.

Along with boosting the export the company raised priced by 20% for viscose yarns and by 10% for synthetic films. “We have thoroughly examined the markets and set competitive selling prices, which allowed increasing the profitability of sold products,” noted Yuri Rzhevutsky.

Meanwhile, the company’s output lags behind last year’s figures. The production of viscose yarn has problems. The equipment is deteriorated, hence high energy consumption and labor costs disallow trading effectively in tough competition conditions.

“Now we have to determine the company’s development strategy for the near future. We are working with Belneftekhim concern on various schemes, seeking foreign investors. Production of synthetic films with its up-to-date equipment has a sufficient development potential and can be used as reserve,” stressed the Director.

Mogilev Synthetic Fiber Plant was founded in 1930. At present it employs around 1,700 people. The company is the CIS’ only manufacturer of viscose textile yarn and is Belarus’ only producer of biaxially-oriented polypropylene films.

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