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Krynitsa Brewery to increase beer production by 20% in November

In November this year, Krinitsa Brewery will increase the production of beer by 20% to 24 million decalitres a year, it was learnt from director of the company Grigory Petkevich.

Krinitsa will increase the production of beer owing to the completion of the third phase of the upgrade project. In 2008, the brewery invested Br16.65 billion in the upgrade program. In 2009, the company is expected to assign Br29 billion of state funds and Br4 billion of its own resources for the renovation of its production facilities.

The upgrade program included three phases. As of today, the company has doubled the capacities of a brewhouse and a compressor shop, constructed a small-scale mechanization shop. Krynitsa has installed eight fermentation tanks produced by German company Ziemann Gmbh.

In January-August 2009, only two Belarusian breweriesLidskoe Pivo and Krynitsa managed to increase beer production (by 5% to 10.169 million decalitres).

In January-August, Krynitsa increased export of beer 2,6 times as against the same period last year. The increase in export in January-August was due to the supplies to the Russian regions. At present, Krynitsa is actively operating on the market of the Ural region of Russia. Recently, Krynitsa Brewery has organized pilot supplies of beer to Canada.

Founded in 1975 the company was transformed into a leased enterprise in 1992 and was jointstockicized in 2001. Krynitsa is the biggest beer producer on the territory of Belarus. In April 2008, the brewery implemented the second phase of the upgrade project and increased its annual production capacity up to 20 million decalitres of beer. Apart from the Minsk-based Krynitsa Brewery, Krynitsa includes two branches more – the Nesvizh Brewery and Polotsk Brewery.

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