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Belarusian High-Tech Park to set up multicomponent system of IT-education

The Belarusian High-Tech Park is setting up the multicomponent system of IT-education, it was learnt from Valery Tsepkalo, director of the Belarusian High-Tech Park. Valery Tsepkalo is taking part in the 1st International Investment Forum in Grodno.

“The High-Tech Park has already developed the IT-education concept. Within the framework of the concept, we intend to set up the special system presented by various components,” Valery Tsepkalo said. The Administration of the High-Tech Park jointly with resident companies are setting up the special structure which will provide IT-educational services. One more component is the organization of the Belarusian-Indian Center for IT-education.

The regional IT-academy may become one more facility of the Belarusian IT-educational area. In particular, the President of the International Telecommunication Union has offered to set up the regional IT-academy of the International Telecommunication Union on the base of the Belarusian High-Tech Park. The IT-academy will train IT-instructors for the CIS and some Eastern European countries, Valery Tsepkalo said.

The High-Tech Park was set up with a view to creating favourable conditions for raising the competitive ability of Belarusian economy branches, which are based on new and high technologies. At present there are 72 resident companies in the HTP, including self-employed businessmen.

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