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MAZ to export 1,000 vehicles to Venezuela

Minsk Automobile Plant (MAZ trademark) has signed an agreement to ship 1,000 vehicles to Venezuela, MAZ General Director Nikolai Kosten said at a session of Minsk City Hall on 23 October.

“MAZ is aggressively exploring foreign markets. The company has managed to build up sales this year. During the recent visit of the Vice-Premier of Vietnam agreements were reached to deliver 900 vehicles to that region. We are looking to ship a big consignment to Azerbaijan soon,” Nikolai Kosten said.

New projects will be implemented in the neighboring countries. MAZ has recently launched an assembly production in the Yaroslavl oblast of Russia, which will promote the brand in the Russian market, he said. The Belarusian automaker is implementing similar projects in two other regions of Russia.

Other sales promotion measures include the setting up of warehouses in Moscow, Rostov-on-Don, Samara, Saratov, Ryazan and Novosibirsk. MAZ is launching a new scheme of selling the equipment on Sberbank loans, which interest rate to be partially compensated.

Minsk Automobile Plant was created in 1944. It was converted into an open joint-stock company in 2009. At present the parent enterprise employs around 27,000 people. MAZ offers over 250 modifications of automobiles, including truck tractors, high-sided trucks, medium-capacity automobiles, dump trucks, log trucks, short log trucks, cross-country vehicles, automobiles fit for special equipment as well as buses and trolley buses.

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