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Marko, Italian Baldinini may make elite footwear

A joint enterprise meant to produce elite footwear may be the first stage in business relations between the Belarusian footwear maker Marko and the Italian company Baldinini S.r.l., Marko Director General Nikolai Martynov told.

In his words, within two weeks the Italian associates will present the concept of joint business. “Our cooperation can take various shapes. The joint production of designer footwear is just the minimum”, said Nikolai Martynov.

Initially the output can be 150,000 pairs of top price footwear per year. The future enterprise is expected to export about 50% of the make and sell the rest in Belarus. Nikolai Martynov said that a market research has indicated that Belarus imports exactly this volume of elite footwear.

Nikolai Martynov remarked that Marko mainly uses Italian equipment which is renewed every year, this is why the personnel easily uses modern technologies. It will be easy to start manufacturing designer footwear by Baldinini S.r.l..

The limited liability company Marko is one of the largest footwear producers in Belarus. In January-September 2009 the production went up 12%, with sales 2% up on the same period of 2008. More than 50% of the make is exported to Russia. Founded in 1991, Marko employs more than 3,000 people. Marko also offers leather accessories and shoe lasts for Belarusian companies.

The company Baldinini was created in San Mauro Pascoli (Italy) in 1910, where its main production facilities are still located. It produces high-quality elite leather footwear and accessories of the medium and high price category for men and women. Baldinini products boast an exquisite design and are considered to be some of the most prestigious ones in Europe and the rest of the world. Baldinini’s average turnover is close to €50 million per year. The company employs more than 300 people. It exports about 80% of the output. A monobrand commodity distribution network Baldinini was created in the CIS and Eastern Europe.

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