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Krasny Pischevik starts exports to Canada, Mongolia

The Bobruisk-based company Krasny Pischevik has started exporting its products to Canada and Mongolia, it was learnt from the director of the company Nikolai Chislov.

According to him, two consignments of confectionary have been sent to Canada and one – to Mongolia. The company’s major export destinations are Germany, the CIS and Baltic states, the USA, Israel. The company is negotiating an opportunity of exporting to Ukraine and Tajikistan.

The company produces over 19,000 tons of confectionary a year, with up to 18% of the products exported. In January-September 2009 the company delivered 1,500 tons of confectionary to the foreign market. The figure was a bit lower than in the previous years, Nikolai Chislov said. It was largely related to a decrease of the export to the Russian Federation. The prices for marshmallow and marmalade are considerably lower there. In addition the crisis has forced some trading partners to halt the production, so the Belarusian company had to seek new contacts.

“It becomes more and more difficult to keep our positions on the Russian market. We monthly exported 80 tons of products to St. Petersburg. Today the volume of sales has reduced to 45 tons. In St. Petersburg there are three factories producing marshmallow and marmalade. Despite this fact our company supplies this Russian city with its products regularly as it has an official representative office in St. Petersburg. The company is going to work hard to expand its geography of deliveries to the Russian market,” Nikolai Chislov said. According to him, the export is likely to increase due to an active participation in the international exhibitions.

Today the company is rapidly developing its own trading network inside the country. There are chain stores in Bobruisk, Mogilev, Grodno, Gomel and Minsk. More chain stores are to be opened in Brest and Vitebsk. Br4.1 billion worth of products were sold through the company’s trading network in January-September 2009, 6.8% of the total proceeds on the domestic market.

In January-September 2009 an estimated 10,400 tons of products were sold domestically, up 6.3% over the same time in 2008, Nikolai Chislov said.

Founded in 1870, Krasny Pischevik is Belarus’ oldest confectionary. The company produces marmalade, marshmallow and halvah, over 150 items.

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