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The Open Joint Stock Company “Minsk Motor Plant” is the largest manufacturer of 4 and 6-cylinder diesel

The Open Joint Stock Company “Minsk Motor Plant” is the largest manufacturer of 4 and 6-cylinder diesel engines within the power range of 60-350 hp with annual production volume of 120 000 units.


    Our traditional sales markets are Germany, Cuba, Egypt, Hungary, Poland, Pakistan, Vietnam, Russia, the Ukraine and over 40 countries of Europe, Asia, Africa and both Americas.

     The wide range of power characteristics of the engines manufactured by the Minsk Motor Plant, their reliability and long operation life allows their use in various transport means, automobiles, tractors, buses, combine harvesters, road building and forestry machinery and many more. Among our customers are such companies as MTZ, ZIL, MAZ, PAZ, GAZ and dozens of others.


    The MMP engines are widely used as power units by manufacturers of electric power, water pumping, air compressor sets and welding sets.


     Keeping high our brand, we permanently work on improving the quality and produce engines conforming to the stringent requirements of our customers. The Minsk Motor Plant offers engines with mechanical fuel feed systems (complying with EURO 0 / 1 / 2 ecological standards ) as well as engines with electronically controlled “Common Rail” fuel feed systems (complying with  ecological standards EURO-3, TIER 3A).


    Minsk Motor Plant has been working on introducing to serial production the engines conforming to EURO-4 and TIER 3B. Apart from that, the work on creation and introducing the engines conforming to EURO-5 is underway.

     Our enterprise will welcome all proposals by companies wishing to start mutually beneficial cooperation.


General Director OJSC «MMP»


Tel. 375 17 2301124


For further information and for the matters pertaining to engine supplies, please, contact:

Department of Foreign Economic Relations.
Vasily V. Pavlovski
Phone: 375 17 2183006, fax: 375 17 2302776

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