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Gomselmash, Tatelectromash to present jointly assembled combine harvester

Gomselmash expands cooperation with companies of Tatarstan () to develop the joint production of agricultural machinery, said Vasily Kozlov, deputy director of the sales department of the Gomselmash Company. 

In spring 2008, the Tatelectromash Company (Naberezhnye Chelny, Tatarstan) started to assemble combine harvesters Palesse GS812 using Belarusian vehicle sets. As of today, Tatelectromash has assembled 30 combine harvesters. 

According to Vasily Kozlov, the new production has no serious technical problems. 

In early July, the traditional agricultural exhibition will be held in Tatarstan. At the exhibition, Gomselmash and Tatelectromash will present the combine harvester which was assembled jointly. Moreover, the exhibition will display the Belarusian combine harvester Palesse KDP-3000 which can be unitized with Tatarian tractor KAMAZ T-215 and other trailing equipment. 

Next month, Gomselmash is expected to assemble the combine harvester equipped with Cummins engine produced by the Cummins Kama Joint Venture (Naberezhnye Chelny). 

Gomselmash and Tatelectromash plan to increase the production up to 250 combine harvesters per year. The final target of the two companies is to assemble 2,000 combine harvesters a year to satisfy all the demands of the Ural and eastern regions of . 

Gomselmash is a multi-business producer of machines to cultivate and harvest crops. The company’s line-up includes machines for harvesting grain, forage crops, sugar beet, potato, as well as mowers and machines for complex soil cultivation. The company’s designing, manufacturing and maintenance practices are certified for compliance with the international quality management system ISO 9001-2001. Today the company employs 17,000 people.



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