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Fifty business development projects fulfilled in Belarus in 2010

In 2010 fifty business experts’ proposals to improve business environment were implemented in Belarus, Chairman of the Minsk Association of Entrepreneurs and Employers Vladimir Karyagin told reporters on 27 December.

In 2010 experts of Belarus’ National Business Platform developed 117 proposals and submitted them to the specialized governmental agencies. Fifty of them were implemented. Businessmen are eager to keep submitting their proposals to officials. “We should honestly voice our problems and propose solutions. We should submit precise assessments to the government to gain the trust of officials,” Vladimir Karyagin said.

Businessmen submitted their proposals to the heads of the ministries and departments, and the President’s Administration. The authorities took the proposals into account when drafting the laws regulating business activities in Belarus.

For instance, Decree No.569 regulating leasing terms was issued with a view to the proposals. The views of businessmen were also included into Decree No.450, “On Licensing of Certain Types of Business Activities”. Apart from that, Directive No.4 features more than 20 proposals submitted by the business community.

“The dialog between business and government keeps going, and we want the government to keep pursuing the liberalization policy in economy,” Vladimir Karyagin said. He added that the regular assembly of Belarus’ business circles is scheduled for 2 March 2011. The assembly is expected to adopt the business platform for 2011. It will feature issues mentioned in Directive No.4

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