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Business plan for Belarusian-Russian electrical company ready in April

The business plan of the future Belarusian-Russian joint venture to be set up to sell electricity will be discussed in April 2011, Aleksei Shirma, Director General of the Belarusian state-run power engineering concern Belenergo, told media on 23 March.

The business plan is under development, the charter is being adjusted. “Some things have been done already. The business plan is supposed to be discussed in April. If approved, further decisions will be made,” said Aleksei Shirma.

Parallel operation of the Belarusian and Russian power grids began over 40 years and has not been interrupted ever since. There are technical regulations to make this work reliable and accident-free. Yet a need has arisen to clarify some things and agree on joint future actions.

According to the source, the agreement on some measures to ensure parallel operation of the Belarusian and Russian power grids was signed in Minsk on 15 March after a session of the Union State Council of Ministers. The agreement is supposed to promote mutually beneficial cooperation in power engineering industry, to increase the stability of parallel operation and increase the reliability of electricity supply of customers in the two countries.

The Belenergo Director General remarked that close attention was paid to the joint venture, for which creation the agreement provides. The joint venture is a commercial project meant to set up new power grid infrastructure that will allow exporting Belarusian, Russian and third-country

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