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Belarusian Amkodor-Unikab to ship road graders to Europe in late August

(BelTA) – The Molodechno-based mechanical engineering company ZAO Amkodor-Unikab is expected to ship the first batch of road graders to the European market at the end of August 2013. The information was released by Chairman of the Minsk Oblast Executive Committee Boris Batura on 12 June, BelTA has learned.

Speaking about trade cooperation with the European Union, Boris Batura mentioned the production of road graders by Amkodor-Unikab. “They are world-class machines. Their production has been started in association with a Polish company, which has sold the manufacturing license,” he said. “In August 2013 the first ten road graders are supposed to be ready and they will be shipped to the European market as early as late August”.

The Minsk Oblast Governor remarked that the first BelAZ truck was sold to Canada after an expo of supersize machines was held in the USA. “Well-known American and Japanese brands own this market in Canada. We hope that after some time of the BelAZ vehicles’ operation the number of contracts for the delivery of supersize machines to the Canadian and American markets will increase,” he added.

Minsk Oblast trades with all the 27 countries of the European Union. In the near future the choice of exports shipped by Minsk Oblast enterprises to the European Union will be expanded and diversified. The top trade partners are Germany, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Slovakia, France, and Netherlands. Trading with the European Union, Minsk Oblast focuses on expanding the choice of exports, attracting investments and buying modern machines, equipment, and technologies, which are vital for modernizing the production sector of Minsk Oblast. Work is in progress to strengthen the hold of Minsk Oblast manufacturers on the markets and in the market niches where Belarusian products are already present. New sale schemes are sought.

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