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Lekpharm to expand into markets of Georgia, Kazakhstan in 2013

(BelTA) – The Logoisk-based pharmaceutical company Lekpharm is determined to explore the sales markets of Georgia and Kazakhstan in 2013, BelTA learnt from leading specialist of the marketing department at Lekpharm Viktor Yakovlev.

“We have held successful talks on the deliveries of medicines to Georgia and Kazakhstan. The first batches of our products will be delivered there in the near term,” the specialist said.

Lekpharm is preparing to take a GMP test of the European inspectorate to get the right to export products to the EU member states. The company sells its healthcare products to Moldova, Russia, Ukraine and Azerbaijan.

This year the pharmaceutical company has expanded the production capacities thanks to the commissioning of additional equipment. High-speed tablet press Ima can turn out up to 270,000 pills per hour. Since 2013, five new drugs have been developed; another 20 medicines are in the pipeline.

The product lineup of the company features 107 medicines. The Logoisk-based enterprise is the country’s only producer of 16 drugs. The company’s products are available in the form of pills, capsules and powder. Lekpharm offers medicines across a broad spectrum of therapeutic areas, including drugs to treat the musculoskeletal system, the gastrointestinal tract, drugs to provide general anesthesia, antiviral drugs, mucolytics and vitamins.

Viktor Yakovlev underlined: “A clear-cut system of recording of the production process, its multisample inspection, including computer-aided monitoring, help us avoid mistakes. Advanced Austrian equipment and optimal planning of production premises also play their part”.

Lekpharm is a company of the full production cycle compliant with the GMP standards. The company exercises triple control over the production process. First a laboratory of the quality control section examines raw materials and then pills. Another round of control is held after the tableting process. Microbiological testing of pills is conducted after pills are packaged.

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