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Novitskih Farm enterprise Belarus

Potatoes, washed (red, white) Packed in mesh 25 kg (knitted mesh with a jotted tape on upper edge) Caliber 45/55, 55/65, 65/75, 75 mm + CARROTS WASHED calibre 20-35mm Parsley root Fresh parsnips washed The root of the parsnip looks like a carrot, but unlike her is white. It is different sweet, slightly spicy taste and pleasant lasting fragrance, in that it can be compared with shelterees. Parsley is a vegetable ispolzuetsya spicy seasoning to soups and sauces, and for cooking side dishes and salads. Looks like parsnips. We are manufacturers, prices without intermediaries. We grow more than 40 000 TONS per year –open all year round! Own vegetable by 25 000 tonnes. A private line for washing and packing vegetables. Packaged in a packaging according to buyer's request! Our fleet of 35 cars, with capacity over 20 tons. You don't need to look for transport!

Call +375-33-323-04-07 Find out the price and delivery date. Will receive the goods You have in stock.

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20.07.2015Hydraulic oil plugs
Sockets oil drain plug, Hexagon oil drain plugs, oil drain screw, magnetic oil drain plugs, oil plugs, oil screw, hydraulic oil drain plugs Material: Steel and Aluminum Finish: Steel Zinc plated, Aluminum Natural and Aluminum Oxidized Color. Size: M8 to M42 and G 3/8” to G 2” Temperature Range: -30 Cent degrees to 130 Cent degrees. Usage for auto engineer, gearbox, pump, compressor, oil tank and speed reducer Delivery Times: 30 days, High quality, professional service, reasonable price. Any OEM are welcomed

16.07.2015BSP oil sight glass
Web: www grandmfgcn com E-mail: grandmfgcn at yahoo com Breather vents, Air Vent Plugs, Breather Vent Plugs, Breather Plugs, Breather drain plugs, vent plugs, Air released plugs Material: Brass and steel Finish: Natural and Nickel Plated Thread Type: BSP,Metric,NPT Size: 3/8 inch, 1/2 inch and 3/4 inch Any Size OEM are welcome. Work Pressure: 0.005 MPa to M 0.03 MPa Temperature Range: -30 Cent degrees to 130 Cent degrees. Usage: Pump, Thin-wall container, Radiator, Hydraulic reservoir, receivers, Gearboxes, Speed Reducer, Compressor and Power Transmission.

14.07.2015Chechnya interested in increasing supply of tires from Belarus
Chechnya interested in increasing supply of tires from Belarus

14.07.2015Domed shape oil sight glass
Domed shape oil sight glass

30.06.2015Lekpharm to expand into markets of Georgia, Kazakhstan in 2013
Lekpharm to expand into markets of Georgia, Kazakhstan in 2013

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